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Set up your own workout and challenge your friends with an infinite number of exciting trainings!

Matchers app includes detectors that automatically count your number of rep and the calories burned... And countless feature to keep you motivated and happy!
Are you ready to become the next Matcher?

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Louis ANDRE & Jules CHABRAN, Founders Louis & Jules Improvised corporate picture ;)

Our Partner Louis & Jules

Our Story

Matchers’ story began in 2013. Jules, analyst in a London bank and rugby fan, was looking for a sport app allowing him sharing fun and sport with his friends. However, he only found apps helping him either loosing weight or doubling biceps size. First disappointed, he then felt the potential of a technology that would allow him sharing his best sport performances and called one of his best friend Louis, himself a Digital expert and Crossfit lover, to challenge his idea. They wanted to find a new way to share their workouts and motivate each other and had a vision: building a technology filled with fun and include this technology inside a sport social network. The three hours discussion built the pillars of matchers’ mojo: the matchers’ project was born!

In London, Jules then began to learn how to code mobile apps at nights and during weekends, spending hours mastering the art of mobile development. Living in Paris, Louis, on his side, was sharing the same experience, trying to elaborate a unique interface and design, restarting from scratch a zillion time (well, almost!).

Jules and Louis decided to inject fun by playing with mobile phone sensors: challenging on the number of push ups at 2am using the push up sensor, burning calories in the evening with the squat counter, playing with the Live Challenge feature when both connected in the same time on Matchers’ app! They also built the spirit of the app: matchers is about freedom and fun, matchers’ users will never find any diet suggestion (except if it for a good confit de canard, we will never forget our french roots!😂).
Freedom is everywhere in Matchers: because Matchers’ users can create custom workouts in the fitness match (mixing push ups, burpees and many other moves…), there is an infinite number of workouts that can be matched!
At Matchers we are passionate about sport and fun. We believe sport should be shared between friends like a good bottle of wine (yes we are french). So forget your six packs and join the Matchers’ community!

We have put a lot of effort to maximize interactions with your mobile and enhance the user experience:
  • Sensors are automated: once you have inputted Push Ups (or ‘Pompes’ if you are french) in a fitness match, the push up detector will automatically pop up during the training
  • A colorful-happily-handmade design, easy to use during your day to day workout
  • A global statistics screen, where you can track all your push ups, burpees or sit ups reps (and more)
  • Plenty of workouts and challenges, constantly improved by Jules & Louis: each new idea is implemented at light speed: we love to see our friend and community doing more and more new training each day!
So, if you want to discover a new way of doing sport (and more), join Matchers and show to the world your most creative workouts!